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Public Advisory Committee Meeting #19

March 28, 2019
12:30 – 2 PM
The Chrysalis Center
255 Homestead Avenue, Hartford


The Hartford I-84 Project Team has been in contact with communities to identify the best solution to fix I-84. After exploring four different alternatives and options, we have almost reached a decision on the future of the highway. A formal decision is expected in the spring of 2020.

The Project Team recommends eliminating the elevated highway and tunnel alternatives for further consideration. These options do not meet the Purpose and Need of the project. It seems that the best option is the low highway alternative, which would lower the highway to ground level and below most of the local streets, such as Asylum, Broad and Sigourney streets, and Capitol Avenue.


When it comes to exploring solutions for I-84 in Hartford, the Project Team is in good company! During the Fall 2017 semester, University of Hartford architecture students were tasked with a design challenge in their own backyard. The groups created transit-oriented development solutions to support a new rail station. Check out the student showcase page to learn more about their assignment and to see their great work!


Together with the City of Hartford, the I-84 Hartford Project Team is planning a new rail and bus station.

Although the historic Union Station will remain, a new station is needed about 1,000 feet west of today’s tracks. Several locations have been considered.

Three northern concepts and two southern concepts were presented to the PAC in March 2018. The northern concepts locate the rail station north of Asylum Avenue, but with differing location of bus and parking facilities and the amount of capping north of Asylum Avenue. The southern concepts locate the rail station between Farmington and Asylum Avenues.

An important factor is how much of the highway is capped over. Urban designers and stakeholders generally agree: capping over the highway and railroad will help knit the city back together.

Concepts E1 and E3 emerged as the favorites at the March 2018 PAC meeting. Check them out here and read more in the Summer 2018 newsletter.

Concept E1

Concept E3