When it comes to exploring solutions for I-84 in Hartford, the I-84 Project Team is in good company! During the Fall 2017 semester, University of Hartford Assistant Professor Seth Holmes tasked his students of the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture with a design challenge in their own backyard.

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Asylum Ave Asylum Ave Farmington Ave Broad St Multi-Modal Station Amphitheater I-84 Ramps

TOD refers to community development that includes housing, office, retail, and other amenities within a half-mile of a quality public transportation station or stop.

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“An amphitheater-style, uncovered seating area serves two main purposes: a hang-out spot and a shield from cars on the highway ramps.”
- Bushnell Plaza Team

The Architectural Studio students created transit-oriented development (TOD) concepts for the capped area - or, the cover that is proposed over the Lowered Highway Alternative.

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