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The I-84 Hartford Project was a major initiative by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) to address the aging bridge structures of the I-84 highway, beginning just west of the small tunnel in Downtown Hartford until roughly the area of Pope Park in Parkville. Built in the 1960s and designed to last for 50 years, these bridges required extensive maintenance or replacement.

While the I-84 Hartford Project was established to address the condition of the two miles of aging bridges between the Flatbush Avenue ramps and the I-91 interchange; other transportation needs beyond these geographic limits became apparent through additional study and public involvement. Furthermore, these needs are interrelated and must be evaluated comprehensively to properly address them from a technical and regulatory perspective.

In 2019 CTDOT decided to take a broader look at all these connected challenges and establish priorities for their design and construction into the future. The I-84 Hartford Project and several interrelated projects were rolled into one larger Greater Hartford Mobility Study.

The Greater Hartford Mobility Study builds upon the extensive planning and engineering work performed to date on these initiatives. They include the I-84 Hartford Project, CTfastrak expansion, railroad corridor enhancements, the I-84 / I-91 interchange, and other multimodal transportation improvements such as the East Coast Greenway and intercity pedestrian and bicycle connectivity.