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Public Meetings

The redesigned I-84 will greatly affect Hartford and its residents. Thus, the project team is looking to meet with and discuss the project with as many people as possible. These meetings are an opportunity for you (the community and public) to interact with our (the project team’s) engineers and planners, and to give input on possible solutions for I-84.

Some meetings are open house format where you can view and discuss project material. Others are workshops where you are encouraged to sit down and help design parts of the project. Some have more formal presentations and your comments are entered into a transcript. Many meeting are a combination of above. Our goal is to reach as many of you as possible, in a way that is most comfortable and convenient to you!

Come plan with us at a public meeting or design workshop (Open Planning Studio)! Ask us to your neighborhood, business, or special interest group meeting! Chat with us at our table at a festival or farmers market in the summer months! We want to hear from you!

Can’t attend a meeting? There are other ways to learn more and get involved in the project:

Over the course of the I-84 Hartford Project there will be many public meetings.  Some will be “open house” format where people can talk with the project team and view project material. Some will be more formal presentations, and some will be a combination of these two formats. Public meeting materials are available to be reviewed also. Look for us at community gatherings, such as farmers markets and fairs, where we will be available to talk about the project and hear your thoughts. 

Check out our list of upcoming events

In addition to public meetings, the project team is also meeting with community groups as requested.  If your group is interested, please request a meeting.