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About The I-84 Hartford Project

The I-84 Hartford Project is a Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) project to address structural deficiencies within the I-84 corridor approximately between Flatbush Avenue (Exit 45) and the I-91 interchange in Hartford.

Since it became apparent in the 1980s that this section of I-84 in Hartford was deteriorating, the CTDOT has considered how best to repair or reconstruct the corridor. Since that time, many inspections have been carried out and frequent repairs made to keep the highway safe and functioning.

Prior Study

In 2010, the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG), the City of Hartford, and CTDOT collaborated on a study of the corridor to begin the process of exploring reconstruction options. That study looked at several concepts, including rebuilding the viaduct in its pesent configuration, as well as several reconstruction alternatives that would alter the configuration of the highway. The alternatives developed for that study were conceptual in nature—they did not look in depth at traffic, engineering feasibility, or environmental impact. However, the strong stakeholder input as part of that effort was helpful in leading to CTDOT's decision to initiate The I-84 Hartford Project, to build on the good work of that earlier study. The I-84 Hartford Project will be a full and comprehensive evaluation leading to a workable solution.

For more information on the prior study, visit the CRCOG website.

Moving forward

The I-84 Hartford Project will examine the feasibility and assess the impacts of a range of alternatives. Following full examination of the impacts and benefits of feasible alternatives, and, in collaboration with stakeholders and the public, CTDOT will make a decision on how to reconstruct this section of the I-84 corridor.

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