Studying potential improvements for the I-84 / I-91 interchange

The reconstruction of I-84 in Hartford will allow for three through lanes in each direction from Flatbush Avenue to Exit 51. I-84 also carries three lanes in each direction in East Hartford. The highway, however, is limited to two lanes in each direction at the I-91 interchange and over the Bulkeley Bridge, causing considerable congestion. Thus, in 2016, the Connecticut Department of Transportation launched the I-84 / I-91 Interchange Study to seek out possible congestion relief improvements in this area.

Three general concepts are being studied. They include:

  • 1) Modify the existing interchange
  • 2) Relocate the interchange to the north
  • 3) Relocate the interchange to the south

The concepts are being studied at a very broad level. The purpose of the study is to first determine if the concepts are feasible from an engineering perspective. Second, the study will broadly assess the benefits and impacts to residents, businesses, travelers, properties, neighborhoods, and the natural environment.  

Originally constructed in the 1960s and modified in the 1980s, the existing interchange is constrained by physical and environmental features. These include buildings, the railroad, the flood wall, and the Connecticut River.  

This I-84 / I-91 Interchange Study is closely related but not directly part of the I-84 Hartford Project. The I-84 Hartford Project was initiated to fix the aging viaduct bridges through Hartford. The outcome of this I-84 / I-91 Interchange Study will be coordinated with the I-84 Hartford Project.

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