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Vision Statement

The purpose of the I-84 Hartford Project is to address the highway’s structural deficiencies, improve traffic operations and safety, and improve mobility, all while maintaining access for the City of Hartford and adjacent communities. At the same time, the I-84 Hartford Project will strive to reduce the highway’s adverse impact and footprint on the city, while integrating it more closely into the regional multimodal and interstate transportation system, both existing and planned.

In addition, the redesign of the I-84 mainline and the interchanges between Flatbush Avenue and I-91 will consider the City of Hartford’s economic development and urban design goals, and will be consistent with the State of Connecticut’s goals of energy efficiency and responsible growth. The project will include a robust program of active public engagement which will help identify a solution that can be embraced by the project’s many stakeholders. We envision a rebuilt I-84 which: