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Construction workers

When this project goes into construction, possibly as early as 2021, it will employ thousands of construction workers.

Creating Local Jobs

The Connecticut Department of Transportation will help get I-84 jobs in locals’ hands by:

  • Developing training programs for in-demand jobs
  • Hosting and promoting hiring fairs and community events (in coming years)
  • Encouraging contractors to recruit locally

Female construction worker

Prepare For Jobs Now

Interested in working on I-84 or other highway construction projects? Take these steps to prepare!

  • Obtain your GED or diploma
  • Determine field of interest
  • Research training programs
  • Learn about union apprenticeship programs
  • Attend a jobs fair or community event
  • Contact the On-the-Job Training Program Coordinator
    at 860-594-2178

Workers Needed!

These jobs will be needed as we near construction, and there is an anticipated shortage in these fields.

  • Operating Engineers
  • Carpenters
  • Bricklayers
  • Ironworkers
  • Electricians
  • Truck Drivers
  • Laborers


Union Contacts

Reach out to these unions to learn more and expand your network:


For business owners and managers seeking I-84 construction work

Is Your Business Interested?

Is your firm certified in the Connecticut Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program (DBE)?

The I-84 Project will have a DBE Goal assigned. Only DBE certified firms are eligible to satisfy the goal.

To be eligible for DBE opportunities for this project or other CTDOT contracting opportunities, please contact the DBE Certification Manager at 860-594-2171.

Compete For Jobs

Find out if your business is eligible for certification as a DBE in Connecticut.

Learn about our state’s DBE program.

Call 860-594-2171 for information about the certification process.


Roadside workers

Highway workers