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Needs and Deficiencies Phase

The needs and deficiencies phase involves first the collection and evaluation of data to more fully understand travel patterns and more closely evaluate the condition of the many structures throughout the I-84 Hartford corridor. A more complete understanding of mobility needs will help facilitate the development of a Statement of Purpose and Need, which is one of the first steps of the Environmental Phase. During this phase the project team will also begin to collect and analyze information on both the natural environment and the human environment to use in an initial screening of possible alternatives.

Our public involvement program will begin early in the Needs and Deficiencies phase. Early steps include development of a project contact list (list of stakeholders), formation of a Public Advisory Committee to help steer the project, meetings with many stakeholders, development of the first few project newsletters and e-bulletins, along with the initiation of social media discussion via Facebook and Twitter. Near the end of Phase I, a public information meeting will be held.