Happy New Year from the I-84 Hartford Project Team!


In 2013, the I-84 Hartford Project was initiated and the Project Team has been busy collecting data, meeting and listening to stakeholders, and learning about the condition of the highway and how it affects people who live, work, and travel through Hartford.  As we move into 2014, we will be exploring different alternatives for replacing the aging highway structures.  A couple of recent articles have been published that begin to touch on some of the complexities and challenges that the Team will be addressing in the upcoming year.


The first article provides information about the need for the I-84 Hartford Project and offers a good summary of some of the ideas that originated in the I-84 Viaduct Study that was managed by the Hub of Hartford Committee and the Capital Region Council of Governments.


The second article is an opinion piece about how the I-84 Hartford Project could potentially reshape Hartford's downtown neighborhoods. The Hartford Courant published writer Steven Higashide's commentary.


Happy reading and Happy New Year from the I-84 Hartford Project Team!

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