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In-the-news highlights media coverage of I-84 or other, related
transportation projects or policies in local or national press.
Some of these links are from newspapers or periodicals,
while others are from radio or television programs.
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Union Station Parking Garage Plan Put On HoldDecember 12, 2016, Hartford Courant

MetroHartford Alliance Rising Star Breakfast with Governor MalloyDecember 13, 2016, Connecticut Network

Malloy Tells Business Leaders He's Making Long-Term InvestmentsDecember 12, 2016, Hartford Courant

Plan To Remake Hartford's Union Station Doesn't Include TrainsDecember 8, 2016, Hartford Courant

Larson’s tunnels: Big plan, even bigger challengeNovember 15, 2016, the CT Mirror

Hartford’s Big DigOctober 12, 2016, City Journal

Larson Says I-84 Viaduct Would Stay While Tunnel Is BuiltOctober 4, 2016, Hartford Courant

State DOT And Local Leaders Proceed With Caution On $10 Billion Highway Tunnel ProposalOctober 4, 2016, Hartford Courant

Larson Calls For $10 Billion Tunnel Project October 3, 2016, Hartford Courant

Challenge For I-84 Engineers: Hiding Hartford Stretch September 13, 2016, Hartford Courant

ConnDOT offers a plan, and a mea culpa, for I-84 in Hartford September 8, 2016, CT Mirror

State Officials Get Ready To Present Feds With At-Grade Hartford ViaductSeptember 8, 2016, CT News Junkie

State Advances At-Grade, Or Partly Below Grade, Option For Replacing I-84 Viaduct In HartfordSeptember 8, 2016, Hartford Courant

A New Vision for I-84 Una nueva vision para I-84September 1, 2016, Hartford News

Caught in the Path of I-84 August 22, 2016, Hartford Courant

Employers must have key voice in I-84 viaduct redo August 1, 2016,, a publication of the Hartford Business Journal

I-84 viaduct remake weighs heavily on businesses, motorists, DOT August 1, 2016,, a publication of the Hartford Business Journal

DOT recommends Hartford I-84 viaduct replacement with below grade highway April 28, 2016, Fox 61

DOT: No Tunnel For New I-84 In Hartford June 15, 2016, Hartford Courant

DOT officials nearing decision on future of I-84 viaduct in Hartford April 28, 2016, Fox 61

I-84 Viaduct Plan Would Raze Apartment Buildings April 25, 2016, Hartford Courant

DOT to Host Public Session for I-84 Project April 20, 2016, The Hartford Guardian

MetroHartford Alliance Rising Star Breakfast: “Rebuilding a Better I-84 in Hartford” April 5, 2016, 97-9 CT-N Connecticut Network

Rebuilding a Better I-84 in Hartford March 2016, 97-9 ESPN

New Idea for I-84 in Hartford as Malloy Pushes Lockbox February 26, 2016, NBC Connecticut

I-84 Hartford Project Holds ‘Open Planning Studio’ February 25, 2016, CBS Connecticut

Engineers Envision Capping I-84 February 25, 2016, Hartford Courant

I-84 Hartford Project PAC Meeting February 25, 2016,

One-on-One With Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin January 8, 2016, WNPR


Engineers favor reducing Hartford city exits on I-84 December 3, 2015, The Bristol Press

DOT Seeking Motorists' Ideas December 2, 2015, The Hartford Courant

Discussion Continues on Cost - and Benefit - of Hartford's I-84 Viaduct Replacement November 27, 2015,

Governor's Transportation Finance Panel November 23rd Meeting November 23, 2015,

Gov. Malloy Says Rebuilding I-84 Viaduct in Hartford Will Have Big Economic Payoff November 17, 2015,

One Hartford Building's Colorful History in the Shadow of I-84 November 17, 2015,

Malloy: Connecticut Can't Afford Not To Replace I-84 Viaduct November 17, 2015, The Hartford Courant

State Planners Say They're Closer To Choosing I-84 Hartford Plan November 16, 2015, The Hartford Courant

Exploring Options for I-84, a Hartford Engineer Looks for a "Game Changer" October 27, 2015,

CT DOT seeking input from drivers over the future of I-84 viaduct October 22, 2015, Fox 61

Traffic Congestion, Safety Primary Concerns for I-84 Project October 21, 2015, Journal Inquirer

Hartford City officials weigh in on I-84 changes October 21, 2015, WTNH News 8

Public Hearing Held - Most Expensive Road Project in Conn. History October 20, 2015, WTNH News 8

DOT Invites Public To Hear I-84 Viaduct Plans October 20, 2015, The Hartford Courant

Envisioning the End of I-84 in Hartford September 24 - Oct 1, 2015, The Hartford News

I-84 project zeroes in on ground-level construction, possibility of closures September 25, 2015, Journal Inquirer

State DOT Commissioner Redeker: All Options Still Open on I-84 Project September 11, 2015,

DOT Considering Possible I-84 Shutdown September 8, 2015, CBS Connecticut

One Approach To I-84 Viaduct Project: A Long-Term Shutdown September 8, 2015, Hartford Courant

Engineers say tunnel, tolls poor options for fixing I-84 August 13, 2015, Journal Inquirer

Open planning session to be held for I-84 Hartford project August 12, 2015, WTNH Reporter

Engineers still looking at future of I-84 in Hartford July 30, 2015, FOXCT

Engineers See Problems With Tunnel To Replace I-84 Viaduct July 30, 2015, The Hartford Courant

DOT to Tell the Latest About I-84 Viaduct Plan June 27, 2015, The Hartford Courant

Malloy signs 2016-17 state budget June 30, 2015, Easton Courier

Study: State could rake in $62 billion in highway tolls June 27, 2015, Connecticut Post

Logjam of options: Highway Planners, Public Brainstorm Possibilities At Design Forum June 8, 2015, The Hartford Courant

Gov. Malloy: Historic Agreement leads to Billions in Transportation Investment, the Largest in Connecticut History May 31, 2015, State of Connecticut

State Has To Get I-84 Right This Time May 10, 2015, The Hartford Courant

Face the State: One of the Busiest Roads in CT being Rebuilt April 2015, WFSB

Bronin Commenting on I-84 Proposals April 30 2015,, originally aired on WNPR

What Should We Do With the Viaduct Through Hartford? April 30 2015, WNPR

Project Planners Seek Your Improvement Ideas for Improving I-84 in Hartford April 27 2015, NBC Connecticut


WPLR Radio: I-84 in Hartford April 24 2015, WPLR

DOT seeks public input for I-84 Hartford viaduct project April 24 2015, WFSB

State Hosting Weeklong Sessions About Replacing I-84 Viaduct April 19 2015, The Hartford Courant

Governor Calls for New I-84 Viaduct in Hartford April 6 2015, NBC Connecticut

Viaduct revamp would ease I-84 traffic in Hartford April 6 2015, WFSB

Replacing the state’s busiest stretch of highway April 6 2015, WTNH Reporter

Gov. Malloy Sets Sights on I-84 Viaduct Replacement in Hartford April 6 2015, WNPR

Malloy: I-84 Viaduct Replacement Is Overdue April 6 2015, The Hartford Courant

What will I-84 look like in the future? | ¿Qué aspecto tendrá la I-84 en el futuro? February 19-26, 2015, The Hartford News

Malloy's Transportation Plan Includes Upgrades, Longer Busway February 18, 2015, The Hartford Courant

I-84 Viaduct Replacement: The Public's Chance To Speak Is Now January 26, 2015, The Hartford Courant

I-84 project could cost $10 billion January 22, 2015, Journal

State Panel Advises 'Fix It First' Approach on Transportation January 15, 2015, The Hartford Courant

Connecticut Needs Tolls -- Roads Are Not Free January 13, 2015, The Hartford Courant

A Tolls, Deficits, Drones Among Issues For 2015 Legislative Session January 7, 2015, The Hartford Courant

How Bad Is It? Summit Should Size Up CT Transportation January 6, 2015, The Hartford Courant


A Changing Road Map: CT Highways To Gradually Get New Exit Numbers December 7, 2014, The Hartford Courant

Looming Question: What Highway, Transit Systems Does CT Want? December 3, 2014, The Hartford Courant

Hartford Must Join Bike-Friendly Cities October 28, 2014, The Hartford Courant

DOT’s next big job is I-84 in Hartford October 14, 2014, WTNH Reporter

Redesign For I-84 Through Hartford Planned October 14, 2014, FOXCT

I-84 Carries 3 Times More Cars Than It was Built For: CT DOT October 14, 2014, FOXCT

When I-84 Viaduct Is Replaced, Don't Expect A Hartford Bypass October 10, 2014, The Hartford Courant

Southington’s highway project offers hope for Hartford August 4th, 2014,

Will cars really be less used in 10 years? August 4th, 2014,

Hartford's Vexing Highway Intersection: Why All Roads Lead To G. Fox July 24, 2014, The Hartford Courant

Congestion Pricing Won't Solve Highway Woes July 11, 2014, The Hartford Courant

How much time is wasted in traffic jams? See Courant editorial. June 20, 2014, The Hartford Courant

I-84 Viaduct Work Will Be A Long Job When It Finally Begins June 17, 2014, The Hartford Courant

I-84 Viaduct Job: A Maze Of Complexity June 15, 2014, The Hartford Courant

Hartford's Union Station To Get Facelift, Not Full Makeover March 31, 2014, The Courant

Report: Time Right For Reversing Damage of Hartford’s I-84 Viaduct February 18, 2014, The Courant

Dreams For Hartford's DoNo: Vision For A New Urban Neighborhood January 26, 2014, The Courant


Repair Hartford's Heart — Reroute I-84 December 18, 2013, The Courant

I-84 Hartford Project Team Reaches Out To StakeholdersApril 10, 2013, Hype Blog